More about our vision

As JourneyMates we desire to glorify the Triune God and grow in trusting him in all of life by making space for Christians to notice and respond to God’s presence and invitation within and around us.

In JourneyMates we learn to listen and look for signs of God’s grace in our lives together and as individuals. As soul friends we seek God’s presence with us, notice God’s action in and around us, and wait for God’s invitation to us. Together, we practice classic spiritual disciplines such as silence, solitude, Lectio Divina and Examen. These disciplines help us grow in our awareness of Christ’s presence and to seek His will, grace, hope and mercy.

JourneyMates Offerings

JourneyMates offers time and space to simply be with God. We call what we do “soul hospitality.” All our offerings are designed to help guide participants in slowing down to enjoy God’s presence with them. As they do, they notice God’s work in their lives and find that they are listened to, given attention, and prayed for in authentic, meaningful ways. Participants attest that what they learn as JourneyMates benefits their work, family, ministry, and relationships.

JourneyMates Morning Apart and JourneyMates Day Apart Retreats

JourneyMates hosts retreats in contemplative settings to provide time and space to simply be with God. These retreats offer the opportunity to open our lives to God as we focus, reflect, and broaden our perspectives on our lives in Christ. Reflective teaching, time with the JourneyMates Core Disciplines and Spiritual Practices, prayerful Scripture reading, and extended time in solitude and silence are all part of our JourneyMates Morning Apart and JourneyMates Day Apart retreats. JourneyMates also welcomes the opportunity to facilitate these retreats for church and other ministry communities. For information and schedules for our ongoing retreats, click here.

JourneyMates Communities

JourneyMates Communities are monthly gatherings of approximately thirty people who set aside time to be still, to pray, and to make space for God’s work in their lives. Each month consists of time for quiet contemplation, reflective teaching, praying the Scriptures, and time in solitude. Individuals then join together in covenant small groups of five for the opportunity to share and reflect and Christ and relationship with God. A trained facilitator guides the time of what we call spiritual companioning. Click here for information on our JourneyMates Communities.