Statement of Faith

Briefly, but not exhaustively, our convictions about the Christian faith can be summarized with the following statements:

  • We believe in the one eternal Triune God who is forever Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • The Father Almighty is the creator of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.  The universe is good, the handiwork of the loving God who creates, sustains, and directs it.
  • We confess that Jesus Christ, the unique and only Son of God, came into this world to offer Himself as an atoning sacrifice upon the cross, and we believe that there is no other name given under heaven by which anyone can be saved. Apart from Jesus Christ, as the Scriptures declare, we are lost in our sin, unable by any means to save ourselves. The imperative of the Gospel is that we put our faith in Jesus in order to be saved.
  • The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity. He is at work in our world, in people, and in the church.
  • We believe that as humans, we were created innocent, pure, and in the image of God. God gave us free will to trust and love Him or to turn from Him. But we turned from God and followed our own way. Since the Fall, all of us are now born in sin, unable to save ourselves, in need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
  • We submit to the Holy Scriptures as the divinely inspired, authoritative, life-giving Word of God.
  • We acknowledge the presence of real evil in our world. As Jesus Himself says, an evil, non-human being exists and has power to steal, kill, and destroy. At the same time, this evil one, and all the evil that exists in our own souls and in this world, are always and ultimately subject to the Triune God.
  • We acknowledge the reality of heavenly beings, both angelic and demonic, who are at work in our world and beyond. The angelic beings do God’s bidding and serve and praise Him fully. At the end of this age, all evil beings will be judged and rendered utterly powerless by the Triune God. Even now, in our age, Christ’s work on the cross has proved His triumph over all the powers of darkness.
  • We confess the ongoing work of the Triune God in our world today. We have not been left alone.
  • We believe that Christ will come again in glory, to judge us and this world, and to establish His kingdom by making new all things in heaven and earth.
  • We hold in highest esteem Christ’s church, for whom He died. Christ’s church is both mystical and universal, and made visible in local congregations. God’s work in this world is to bring His church into all her fullness. As we live lives of trusting, obeying, loving, and serving, our lives are meant to further God’s plan of calling together His church through the ages, a people for His own possession. JourneyMates’ purpose is to serve the work of the church.
  • We affirm the creeds (the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Athanasian Formulary regarding the Trinity, and the Chalcedonian Confession regarding the person of Jesus Christ).  JourneyMates also affirms the Lausanne Covenant.